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The professorship of Microbial Biotechnology offers the following courses:

Bachelor courses Chemische Biotechnologie (CBT), Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (Nawaro) and Bioökonomie (BÖ)


  • Grundlagen Biologie (Vorlesung) (WZ1603)
  • Einführung in die Zell- und Mikrobiologie (WZ1929)
  • Molekularbiologie und Gentechnik (Vorlesung) (WZ1933)


  • Seminar für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten für Studenten und Doktoranden (Prof. Blombach) (LV-Nr: 0000004379 / 0000000610)
  • Aktuelle Literatur der Mikrobiellen Biotechnologie (LV-Nr: 0000004875 / 0000004955)
  • Grundlagen Biologie (Übung) (WZ1603)

Lab courses:

  • Praktikum Mikrobiologie (WZ1930)
  • Molekularbiologie und Gentechnik (Praktikum) (WZ1933)
  • Forschungspraktikum Bachelor Pflichtmodul (WZ1943)
  • Grundlagen Biologie (Praktikum) (WZ1603)

 Master courses Chemical Biotechnology (CBT) and Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (Nawaro)


  • Angleichung Biologie (LV-Nr: 0000005477)
  • Applied Microbiology and Metabolic Engineering (lecture) (CS0007)
  • Plant Biotechnology (CS0018)
  • Resolutionof Microbial Metabolism (CS0017)


  • Seminar for scientific working for students and Ph.D. students (Prof Blombach) (LV-Nr: 0000004379 / 0000000610)
  • Current Topics of Microbial Biotechnology (LV-Nr: 0000004875 / 0000004955)
  • Plant Biotechnology (Seminar) (CS0018)
  • Advances in Synthetic Biology (CS0179)

Lab courses:

  • Forschungspraktikum Master (CS0014)
  • Applied Microbiology and Metabolic Engineering (lab course) (CS0007)

Detailed information on specific courses can be retrieved from the TUMonline platform under “courses”.

For research internships, and Bachelor and Master theses please contact us! Topics for bachelor and master theses are assigned continuously.



Professorship Microbial Biotechnology

Uferstraße 53
D-94315 Straubing


Prof. Dr. Bastian Blombach

Phone: +49 (0) 9421 187-420

Team Assistant

Nancy Stüpfert

Phone: +49 (0) 9421 187-425


Aktuelle Publikationen

Siebert, D., E. Glawischnig, M.-T. Wirth, M. Vannahme, Á. Salazar-Quirós, A. Weiske, E. Saydam, D. Möggenried, V. F. Wendisch, and B. Blombach. 2024. A genome-reduced Corynebacterium glutamicum derivative discloses a hidden pathway relevant for 1,2-propanediol production. Mircob. Cell Fact. 23:62.

Werner, F., L. S. Schwardmann, D. Siebert, C. Rückert-Reed, J. Kalinowski, M.-T. Wirth, K. Hofer, R. Takors, V. F. Wendisch, and B. Blombach. 2023. Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for fatty alcohol production from glucose and wheat straw hydrolysate. Biotechnol. Biofuels Bioprod. 16 :116.

Schulze, C., M. Hädrich, J. Borger, B. Rühmann, M. Döring, V. Sieber, F. Thoma, and B. Blombach. 2024. Investigation of exopolysaccharide formation and its impact on anaerobic succinate production with Vibrio natriegens. Microb. Biotechnol. 17:e14277.

Siebert, D., T. Busche, E. Saydam, J. Kalinowski, C. Rückert-Reed, and B. Blombach. 2023. Complete genome sequence of the carboxydotrophic knallgas bacterium Pseudomonas carboxydohydrogena strain DSM 1083. Microbiol. Resour. Announc. 12:e0127722.

Thoma, F., C. Appel, D. Russ, J. Huber, F. Werner, and B. Blombach. 2023. Improving growth properties of Corynebacterium glutamicum by implementing an iron-responsive protocatechuate biosynthesis. Microb. Biotechnol. 16:1041-1053.

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